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Need a plan? Need help facilitating a meeting or board/staff retreat? Should you learn more about your role as a leader? How about assistance with conflict resolution? Have you ever had a great idea about a service, program or change in career and don’t know how to make it happen?

At Changing Directions, we help you find answers to your questions. We assist people in creating plans to bring their dreams and visions into a reality. We are experts at identifying the process and organizing your plans into a constructive and useful tool, and can provide the perfect resources for you among our strategic partners to accomplish them.

For example, you want to open a retail store. Great — but what are the steps you need to follow before the grand opening day arrives? We can help you write an action plan and timeline to get you to opening day, as well as a business plan that you can take to the bank for a loan application.

If you are beginning a nonprofit program, the steps to success would be similar as a retail store, but your business plan would be called a strategic plan and prepare you to apply for funding from foundations and other revenue streams. While working on the plan, you realize that the funder is asking for specific details about your program with timelines and budgeting requirements. Our Program Design expert will help you define your program clearly and succinctly, so funders receive a complete picture of your services.

Now, a few months or years have passed. You have opened that store or rolled out your new program or service out to the community. You’ve gotten a loan or some funding, hired staff, formed a board of directors, and fulfilled your original action plan. You have a new manager, executive director or board chair that needs some training in leadership skills. Call Changing Directions — we provide individualized coaching or board/staff meeting facilitation and retreats. We work with your team to develop an expanded business or strategic plan to grow your business or organization.

Finally, you have built a successful business or program, and it’s time for you to change directions and transition into a new phase in your life. A succession plan is what you need to leave your business in top condition and follow your new dream. What’s Next individualized or group coaching will give you the focus to do that well.


“Ann challenged me to focus my goals and ideas into a clear and concise business plan. Her constructive feedback allowed me to look at things from a new perspective and ultimately helped me attain the startup capital for my new business.”

  • Virginia, Retail store owner
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