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Meeting Facilitation

A facilitator’s main task is to help the group increase effectiveness by improving their process. The facilitator’s focus is on the group. She guides the group process and remains neutral about the specific outcomes.


  • Works with group to establish or follow a process to identify and solve their problems, make decisions, and improve group effectiveness
  • Share responsibility for managing the group’s process
  • Teach group process for future use

Board/Staff Retreats

Ann Schrader serves as the facilitator for the retreat and assists in providing effective group process structure, engaging all participants as much as possible, encouraging input and opinions about the stated objectives.

To provide effective facilitation, Ms. Schrader will:

  • Assist in the development of retreat goals and objectives
  • Have appropriate telephone contact with designated staff, executive director and board chair prior to the retreat
  • Meet with the executive director and others as needed
  • Prepare retreat agenda
  • Email or in-person survey of board and staff
  • Facilitation of the retreat
  • Follow-up written report and recommendations


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“Ann has helped our non-profit leadership team with brainstorming, reaching consensus, and putting together a website and direction. A thoughtful listener, skilled group leader, and gracious personality, Ann helped bring out the best in individuals and the group.

I recommend her if you need help accessing your creativity, directing your energy and accomplishing your goals.”

  • Valerie, Nonprofit program director.
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