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Business Planning

As the owner of three small businesses, Ann is familiar with starting, growing, and expanding businesses. She believes that a firm foundation is the key to success and assists clients in writing business plans for implementation and funding purposes.


  • Business structure, mission, vision, purpose, services/products provided, profitability, location
  • Services/products – unique, why needed, benefits, most profitable services/products
  • Market assessment and market share focus
  • Competitor analysis
  • Defining competitive edge
  • Management of business, responsibilities and expertise
  • Personnel – needs and goals
  • Marketing plan, branding strategy

Strategic Planning

Consulting is a process that assists the client in effectively accomplishing their goals through a temporary consulting relationship.


  • Meet with staff and board members to learn about each other and identify concerns and goal(s) and write a proposal or written agreement
  • Gather, analyze and summarize relevant information to assess and evaluate the lifecycle stage of the organization, strengths and weaknesses, systems and staff
  • Establish a planning process to clearly define issues, goals, strategies, actions
  • Prepare a plan with recommended steps and timeline for implementation
  • Assist in achieving the goal(s) through the development of a Strategic Plan
  • Monitor implementation of the plan
  • Evaluate the progress towards goals and impact of the plan
  • Encourage continued learning and changes as needed

Successful completion leaves the organization with the ability to deal with similar issues in the future.

Program & Process Design

As an executive director of three nonprofit organizations, Ann has designed many programs and enjoys assisting in the development of new programs. This often occurs during the strategic planning process


  • Identify Purpose of program
  • Mission driven
  • Target audience
  • Stakeholder needs
  • Desired outcomes
  • Goal Setting
  • Implementation Timeline
  • Budget
  • Measuring outcomes

Grant Writing & Editing

  • Letter of Interest
  • Cover letter
  • Grant writing
  • Editing
  • Assist in identifying potential funders


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“Ann's listening skills are unparalleled. Her ability to actively listen while coaching me through the business planning process was both affirming and rewarding.”

  • Chris, New business owner
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