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Women’s Transition

Tools for Dealing with Transition

Transitions occur during developmental stages or life changes — such as marriage, motherhood, a new job, empty nest, illness, or change in marital status.

These can be exciting times, where new choices and opportunities for creativity abound. Transitions can also feel confusing, chaotic, lacking in stability and familiar routine. To successfully navigate these times, guidance and support is very helpful.

Transitions bring up unresolved issues about one’s self — purpose, values, fears, desires, power and dreams. As women, we often help our families and friends navigate these passages. We are intuitively good at providing the care and nurture required to ‘birth’ our loved ones through these new stages.

Women also need “midwives” to assist them through their life transitions. Friends, families and co-workers may be of help, but a group devoted to this purpose is ideal.

That’s how “Now What?” and “What’s Next?” came about. They are two separate groups that are custom designed for women whom are trying to balance motherhood, children, and career, or mid-life transition.

Over a course of nine months, September through May, members come together to meet and share their journey, learning with and encouraging each other. We share our stories and dreams and create a future and lives we really love. We pay special attention to carving out a piece of a life for ourselves.

Ann Schrader created these group processes. As a wife and mother of two adult children, she has a deep respect for the importance of motherhood and homemaking. With her personal experiences, degrees in vocational and pastoral counseling, cookbook authorship, training as a yoga instructor, and over 30 years in non-profit and business experience, she is a highly qualified coach and facilitator. Ann is successful because she has mastered the ability to change as needed, learn new skills, and so recreate herself as the demands of her life have shifted.

What can you expect?

  • A customized process for self-reflection about your professional and personal growth needs.
  • Discussions and assignments to help you assess areas of your life to include your career/work, relationships, health, finances, creativity, and spirituality.
  • You will be asked insightful questions, actively listened to, and held accountable for the work you agree to do.
  • You will feel supported, guided, encouraged, nurtured and affirmed.
  • You will know yourself better, clarify your vision and goals, make informed and intentional choices and achieve your mission and a life worth living!


“At the heart of it,
Ann helps people
clearly define
their life’s intention.” 

  • Ellen, Client


transition coaching
is also available.

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